Dollar Diets

The lack of a stable home forces you to adapt to your circumstances and sometimes adopt less than ideal practices. When you don’t have regular access to cooking appliances and proper food storage you rely on prepackaged, processed food, A LOT. With limited financial resources your primary concern is that foodstuffs are cheap, plentiful, available and most importantly, filling.

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Nana is the subject of this post, the central figure of Water Bill blues. Nana is a grandmother of modest income suffering from multiple disabilities. Nana was a victim of a dubious eviction scheme. Due to her modest income she is unable to afford a proper place in San Francisco’s insane predatory renter market. The stress of her situation has exacerbated her disabilities and chronic health conditions prompting numerous hospital visits and a general inability to meaningfully enjoy her golden years. And that’s before she decided to fight what had happened to her and so many others.

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Reaching Out (Fake Aid)

Above is a video from Nana describing the recent activities of Water Bill Blues. There is additional commentary.

Asking for help is never easy. You have to swallow your pride and admit that a problem is bigger than you. That no matter how highly you might think of yourself, you can’t grasp it with the resources at your disposable. Not by yourself. Self reliance goes so far. In light of that, those asking for help do not deserve to be treated with such contempt by those they ask.

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