Much talk about the travel ban. So many of our elected representatives moving swiftly to oppose the ban. If only they could be inspired to take such swift and decisive action for the rest of their constituencies.

Nearly eight decades ago, during the Great Depression, when millions of Americans starved in the streets, when soup lines circled corners of every major American city aUS President decided to spend his first 100 days addressing the problem. The New Deal was the result. A special session of congress was convened to address the outbreak of World War 2.

With millions of Americas foreclosed on, many forced into homelessness, millions of others languishing in our “recovery” no special session, no 100 days are dedicated to alleviating their woes, their suffering. In fact the last time Congress acted swiftly on anything was during the Great Bailout of 2008, in which banks got taxpaper money for foreclosing on those very same people.

Politicians grandstand on the refugee and travel ban issue, their constituents suffer. No action for the voters. They could use some swift action.


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