A Little Frustration

The housing crisis in San Francisco is the biggest issue facing the people living (or trying to) live in the city and the Bay Area. The issues of SF’s predatory housing market are not limited to SF by any means, you can find ever increasing numbers of similar stories throughout California’s coastal cities.

The lack of home security underlines many of the other problems faced by residents trying to navigate the market. Without home security, financial security becomes a pipe dream, more out of reach than the moon. The health problems associated with having to spend nearly ALL of your time time trying to find a place of permanent residence and then DEFENDING your lawful right to stay there while your landlord schemes to undermine your residency just to flip your place, again and again.

There is of course added stress in having to constantly defend your struggle to an indifferent world doesn’t help either. Is it worse to receive no help for a dire situation when or to receive aid so ineffective, off-base and condescending as to be ineffective? More on this in the future.


-Water Bill Blues


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