Reaching Out (Fake Aid)

Above is a video from Nana describing the recent activities of Water Bill Blues. There is additional commentary.

Asking for help is never easy. You have to swallow your pride and admit that a problem is bigger than you. That no matter how highly you might think of yourself, you can’t grasp it with the resources at your disposable. Not by yourself. Self reliance goes so far. In light of that, those asking for help do not deserve to be treated with such contempt by those they ask.

A simple no would have sufficed.

“My office has no interest in pursing the issue you raised at this time.”


“Upon investigation we find nothing to support your claims.”

Bullshit, but ok. Nana gave the office evidence of the issue. The issues are real, the evidence is readily availible..

Instead Nana only received a response only after contacting the office again (in San Mateo and in DC). Finally the response received was less than helpful. The response wouldn’t even help a person struggling in this predatory market.

Water Bill Blues now has more direct experience with the indifference of politicians to issues that actually affect their constituents. Sure they’ll grandstand for attention and points, but the issues of the day are routinely ignored.

It seems that no one in public office wants to resolve this problem, admittedly a small part of a much larger problem. SO continues the quest for justice. Stay tuned.

-Water Bill Blues


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